Latest news

March 2019
“Are My Invariants Valid? A Learning Approach” released on arXiv.
December 2018
“Generative Code Modeling with Graphs” to appear at ICLR’19.
September 2018
Our new neuro-symbolic technique, execution-guided decoding, has helped two Microsoft Research models to take the top two spots on the WikiSQL leaderboard!
“IncSQL: Training Incremental Text-to-SQL Parsers with Non-Deterministic Oracles” released on arXiv.
“Robust Text-to-SQL Generation with Execution-Guided Decoding” released on arXiv.
July 2018
New blog post: “Program Synthesis in 2017-18”.
June 2018
“Execution-Guided Neural Program Decoding” to appear at NAMPI’18.
FlashProfile to appear at OOPSLA’18.
New site layout.
May 2018
“Generative Code Modeling with Graphs” released on arXiv.
April 2018
I will be attending ICLR 2018 in Vancouver to present our work on neural-guided deductive search. Let me know if you want to meet up!
February 2018
Presented “Program Synthesis via Neural-Guided Deductive Search” at the Machine Learning + Programming Languages Workshop at UW.
Neural-Guided Deductive Search to appear at ICLR’18.