Latest news

September 2019
“Program Synthesis and Semantic Parsing with Learned Code Idioms” to appear at NeurIPS’19.
July 2019
I gave a talk on “Program Understanding, Synthesis, and Verification with Graph Neural Networks” at the Learning & Reasoning with Graph-Structured Representations workshop at ICML 2019. Talk recording and slides are available online.
June 2019
“Program Synthesis and Semantic Parsing with Learned Code Idioms” released on arXiv.
May 2019
At ICLR 2019 in New Orleans, we presented our recent work on generative code modeling with GNNs. Also, Gustavo Soares and I showed a first public demo of a our new tool for automating repetitive source code editing on the fly, powered by the PROSE framework.
March 2019
“Are My Invariants Valid? A Learning Approach” released on arXiv.
December 2018
“Generative Code Modeling with Graphs” to appear at ICLR’19.
September 2018
Our new neuro-symbolic technique, execution-guided decoding, has helped two Microsoft Research models to take the top two spots on the WikiSQL leaderboard!
“IncSQL: Training Incremental Text-to-SQL Parsers with Non-Deterministic Oracles” released on arXiv.
“Robust Text-to-SQL Generation with Execution-Guided Decoding” released on arXiv.
July 2018
New blog post: “Program Synthesis in 2017-18”.
June 2018
“Execution-Guided Neural Program Decoding” to appear at NAMPI’18.
FlashProfile to appear at OOPSLA’18.
New site layout.
May 2018
“Generative Code Modeling with Graphs” released on arXiv.
April 2018
I will be attending ICLR 2018 in Vancouver to present our work on neural-guided deductive search. Let me know if you want to meet up!
February 2018
Presented “Program Synthesis via Neural-Guided Deductive Search” at the Machine Learning + Programming Languages Workshop at UW.
Neural-Guided Deductive Search to appear at ICLR’18.